Artist Music & Management encompasses a lifestyle music label developing flavoured music products along with strategic marketing and management services.

Artist Music & Management provides marketing supervision, artist management and consulting services for corporate clients and brands in different industries as well as for artists, new talents and advertising agencies.

The story of Artist Music & Management begins with the end of an era in the Turkish Music Industry when Universal Music Turkey was shutdown in 2004.

Thus far, Hasan Ferit was running Universal Music Turkey as the managing director while at the same time Nurhan was the head of A&R and marketing.

Hasan Ferit first started at Warner Music and then joined Polygram (now Universal Music) in 1999. Till 2003, he managed the marketing / sales activities of more than thousand releases including strategic marketing, jazz and classical albums. He worked closely with prominent local acts such as Şebnem Ferah, Deniz Seki, Athena and Fahir Atakoğlu. Such as Yalın and Işın Karaca, he discovered and signed new local acts exceeding million units of download as well as hundred thousands of album copies.

Nurhan joined Hasan Ferit’s team in 2001 and continued to work closely with him in marketing, A&R and new talent management areas until 2004. His determination and skills led him to become one of the youngest but most experienced professionals in the industry. He played a key role in Universal Music Turkey’s new talent signings while having a distinguished success in Yalın’s debut and best selling album ever in 2004.

In 2005, the forward thinking of Hasan Ferit Giresunlu and Nurhan Dülgeroğlu created the producer and tastemaker vision of their brand new label, Artist Music & Management.

Music around the world that shapes company’s selective profile rapidly attracted the consumer interest mostly in vintage, classical, chillout, lounge, nostalgia, jazz and similar diversed genres which are widely acknowledged by dedicated music lovers and corporate clients.